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Creative Coaching/Creative Therapy 

Why just talk, when you can get creative too? 

I use various different creative approaches during our sessions together, whether it's with clay, paint, sand, mask-making, buttons, playing 'Feelings Jenga' or even planting! 

These sessions give you a safe space to talk things through with me at your own pace with no judgement. It can help you to make more sense of your thoughts and emotions, unravelling them and putting them in some kind of order. 

he sessions are largly based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), so that we can work together to you discovering your values and living a more meaningful life. 

I will offer you guidance, tips and prompts and may set you appropriate tasks to really help you on your healing journey. I offer this therapy for adults and young people. 

Creative Coaching - £25 per session (online also available)

Integrative SandPlay Therapy (Adults) 

ntegrative SandPlay Therapy combines both a non-directive and directive approach to working with the sand and symbols. This simply means that you, the client, will be given time and space to create your own SandTrays, in which you will place various symbols of your choice around the sand tray, creating a ‘scene’.

The scene you create will be a reflection of your own life, a struggle, a conflict or something hiding away in the unconscious mind that needs to be brought out in order for you to be able to resolve and heal. As well as giving you the time to create this scene by yourself, I, the therapist, can step in if appropriate and depending on your needs.

I might gently step in to prompt you, ask questions, make useful comments and encourage more involvement from the conscious mind.

Who is Integrative SandPlay Therapy for?

Integrative SandPlay Therapy is for adults and children. I specialise in working with adults, as it can be so powerful, moving and healing.

What are the benefits of Integrative SandPlay?

- Bringing the unconscious into the conscious mind.

- Helping you to discover how to resolve certain conflicts in your life.

- Supporting you to make sense of any struggles and emotions.

- Helps you to find appropriate ways to remove obstacles from your life.

- Encourages a sense of Self and builds your self-awareness.

- Increases resilience.

- Provides you with better ways to manage trauma, grief, anxiety, low moods, depression and many other issues.

- It is a very freeing experience.

- Allows a deep connection to nature and the Earth.

- Although it is emotional and can often be very powerful, SandPlay can be fun and is a great sensory experience.

£20 per session (face to face)

Online groups run at various times though the year - keep checking for updates.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindful Movement and Mindful Story Telling

ACT is a 'new kid on the block' therapy, in which the aim is to maximise your potential to live a rich and meaningful life, by learning to accept what is out of your control and taking actions to improve and enrich your life. 

ACT is hugely successful, and is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is a fast-growing therapy and can be used for lots of different things such as workplace stress, social anxiety, depression and many more. 

Mindful Movement combines Mindfulness with Movement and ACT. 

Mindful StoryTelling is all about using The Hero's Journey to transform from a victim to a hero, by helping you to see where you are in your journey and getting 'unstuck'.

£20 per session (online also available)

Nature Therapy

Nature therapy (Ecotherapy) can really boost your personal growth, confidence, healing and mental health. Spending time in nature is very grounding and helps with depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. 

Included in Nature Therapy are: 

- Nature Art 

- Nature Meditation

- Nature Journaling

- Walk and Talk Therapy 

- Nature Crafts

Various Prices - please enquire

Therapeutic ArtWork Sessions/Happy Art 

Therapeutic ArtWork Sessions are for children, adults and elders and can be particularly beneficial to those who struggle with: 

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Low Self-Esteem

- Post-Natal Depression (PND) 

- Everyday Stress

- Chronic Pain

- Terminal Illness

- Abuse

Therapeutic ArtWork is a form of therapy that uses art and creativity as the basis of therapeutic expression, but this doesn't mean that you have to a brilliant artist! ArtWork can unlock the unconscious mind, helping to free the painful and uncomfortable thoughts, experiences and emotions that our conscious mind pushes away. In return, this can help to heal confusion and despair, anxieties and allows you to get to the bottom of any issues and problems you might be facing. In a typical session, you may feel drawn to paint, draw, doodle, make a collage or anything creative. Prompts can be given if appropriate and you will have the opportunity to discuss your ArtWork afterwards, if you wish to do so. 

Small elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) will be woven into sessions and you are also able to speak freely about any issues in a safe, non judgmental space. 

£18 per session (online also available) 

Creative Journal Therapy 

Creative Journaling Sessions can be really effective  in helping you to overcome everyday stress, burnout, make sense of any unpleasant experiences, get to know Self, set goals and reach them, manage anxiety and so much more. 

All you need to bring along  with  you is a journal/scrapbook. 

Each week, we will look at prompts that can help to support you depending on your thoughts, feelings and emotions on the day. 

Let's journal your way to a better, happier you! 

£15 per session, online or face to face available.

Other Therapies and Programmes

Creative Journaling Programme

I offer Creative Journaling Programmes for children and adults, in which we will explore changes you wish to make, goals you have, improving your mood and attitudes, discover your passions, make sense of thoughts, feelings and experiences and go on a journey of self-discovery. 

6 week programmes.

In these sessions, you will be given a prompt, personalised to you and your life, and you will be given time to create a journal piece around this prompt. You will have access to paints, pens, stickers, papers, magazines to cut out and so much more. it can be as simple or complex as you wish, and afterwards we will discuss how it felt for you, explore what might have come up for you and talk about any next steps. 

Children's Programme £60

Includes a Journal Kit, including a scrapbook journal, small craft kit and prompts and a Certificate of Completion. 

Adults Programme £90

Includes small craft kit and a Certificate of Completion, but no journal as it is important to find one that you connect with yourself. In addition to the course, you will also receive two meditations and a print out of prompts to explore in your own time. 

Online programmes run often too - keep checking for information

Creative Youth Wellbeing and Mindfulness 8 Week Programme 

An 8 week programme for children aged between 6 - 14 years, designed to promote positive mental health and mindfulness, through creativity, meditations and CBT techniques. 

Young people will be: 

- Meeting the Worry Monster

- R eceiving  'Kindness Agent' Missions 

- Charcoal Drawing

- Mask-Making

- Planting their own Gratitude Tree/Flower

- Creating a Relaxation Box or Bag

- Make a Positivity Pizza

- Create a tiny book of positive thoughts 

- Making a Vision Board 

 and more! 

(Please note - session activities will vary depending on the age and ability of the young person attending) 

1 hour session, once a week. Certificate and goody bag upon completion. 


Online versions available. Please enquire. 

HeartStory Creative Mindfulness Programme for Adults 

6 Week Programme, 12 hours. 

This 6 step Heart Story® framework guides you through:

- How to honour your body & tune into its messages

- How to mindfully tune into your whole experience mind, body & feelings

- How to act with self-compassion and self-love

- How to respond with kindness, love and mindful awareness

- How to take action to make new self-empowering changes in your life

The aims of this course are to help you to:

- Build more self-compassion for yourself & others

-Grow more confidence in setting boundaries

-Offer yourself a more loving self-care routine

-Learn to integrate new Mindfulness skills into your everyday

-Create more calm and less chaos

-Start to heal from past hurt


Online group versions available, please enquire. 

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