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Books, Contributions  and Articles

by Shelby Priestley

As well as being a Creative Interventions Therapist, Shelby is an author, with multiple books available to purchase on Amazon. She has written a debut thriller novel, designed a children's creative, mindfulness journal and has published a nature-based activity book. 

In addition, she has contributed to books published by other professionals, including artists and counsellors, which will be added to this page when they become available to purchase. 

Shelby has written articles and blog posts for many well known names, including the Creative Counsellors Association, Focus on Health and Wellbeing and Twinkl. Some of these articles and blog posts are for members only, but you can find some of the links below. 

Space for my Thoughts and Feelings

By Shelby Priestley

This journal is specially designed to be a safe, non-judgmental space for children to express their thoughts and feelings in a creative way. Journaling can help children to better cope with difficult experiences, understand different emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, begin to develop self awareness and reach goals. 


76 Nature-Based Activities for Little Wildlings 

By Shelby Priestley

Do you want to re-wild childhood? 

We now live in a world that favours technology over the true beauty of nature, where children spend their time learning about the natural world around them through a screen, rather than experiencing the wonders of nature for themselves. It's time to end this. it's time to re-wild. This book can help you to do that. 

Through the Patio Doors -

Debut Thriller By Shelby Priestley

When Rose’s gran passes away, she uses her inheritance to move to the small seaside town they used to visit when she was a child. She thinks it will be a new start, but then she meets Theodore, and strange things begin to happen. It isn’t long before Rose is certain that someone wants to frighten her, but she can’t figure out why. Until she opens a letter written for her by her gran, before she passed away, and discovers something that will change her life forever, and that not everyone in this friendly seaside town is who they appear to be.


How Creativity can Promote Positive Mental Health for Children 

- An article by Shelby Priestley for Focus On Health and Wellbeing  

How Twinkl Supports our Nature Based Home Ed Provision 

- A Twinkl Home Educators Blog Contribution by Shelby Priestley

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