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Shelby Priestley

Shelby is the owner of SP Creative Therapy, and is qualified in the following: 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 

Mindfulness-Based CBT

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 

Mindful Movement 

Mindful Storytelling

Therapeutic ArtWork Practitioner 

Creative Youth and Adult Coaching 

Walk and Talk Therapy

Lego Therapy

SandPlay Therapy 

Clay Therapy 

Supporting Young People to Break the Cycle of Self-Harm

Working Creatively to Support Autistic Clients 

Dreams in Therapy 

Treating Obsessive-Compulsive  Disorder (OCD) 

Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness

Male-friendly Counselling 

Journal Therapy 

Hypnotherapy for Adults and Children

Children and Young Peoples Mental Health

Shelby has delivered a Nature-Based Creative Therapy Workshop to other professionals and is an author, writing her own books, and also contributing to the books of other professionals. She has also written articles for various counselling magazines and websites. 

You can find these on the Books and Articles page.

Shelby is also a Home Educator and is passionate about nature-based learning. 

Other CPD 

Working Creatively with Grief and Loss

Exploring Race and Diversity in the Counselling Room 

Safeguarding Children 

Safeguarding Adults 

Working Creatively Online 

Exploring Trauma and Dissociation 

Exploring Gaming Addiction 


Nature Teacups

Memory Boards

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